Develop faster

Continuous deployment with Drone detects more bugs, faster and in automated fashion. Focus on building new features into your product rather than manually performing tedious and repetitive tasks.


We assist you installing Drone in the cloud or on-premise to achieve optimal performance. We integrate Drone with your code repository: Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab, GOGS; so that your builds are fully automated.


Use your favorite build and dependency management tools like Maven, Gradle, NPM, Bower, Grunt, Gulp. Compile or transpile code in any language: Java, Groovy, Scala, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Haskell… you name it.


Verify your code with the test runner of your choice: Spock, Cucumber, Jasmine, Casper, Selenium and many more.
Statically analyze your code for code smells and track quality improvements over time.


Deploy successful builds to different environments depending on your Git flow policies.


We offer continued support during setup, integration and defining build pipelines.  We will ensure your builds are fully automated and designed to make your product releases successful.

A common build pipeline in Java

  1. Push code o your Git repository
  2. The Git server sends a Webhook to the Drone server notifying about the push event and requesting to execute a build
  1. Drone clones de repository, Maven compiles the source code, executes the unit tests, integration tests, UX tests and eventually statically analyzes the code
  2. Drone verifies that quality gates are met in Sonarqube
  3. Drone generates the binary artifacts from the source code and publishes the binaries in the Nexus repository
  4. Drone builds a Docker image wrapping the binary artifact and publisehs the image to a private Drone repository
  5. Drone deploys the Docker image in  Kubernetes cluster
  6. Drone sends a message to all team members via Slack to notify the successful deployment

The one and only container based CI/CD

Everything in Drone is based on Docker containers. Build steps are fully isolated and builds are reproducible in any environment without additional software installation.


Supports any programming language and tool. Drone is not tied to any specific technology because it is fully based on Docker containers.

Developer Centric

As a developer, you own the build pipeline. You no longer need to talk to systems administrator to provision your server with extra software or to modify the steps in your build.

Confidence in Every Contribution

Run your tests on specific Git events and branches. Build firewalls that ensure the quality standards of every code contribution and avoid creeping technical debt.


You can use Drone to automate any build. You can also extend Drone developing plugins in your preferred technology stack. No ties with a specific technology.

Main Benefits

  • Keep yor config with your code
  • A clean Docker container in every build ensures isolation
  • Test your builds locally
  • Integrate with Slack, Hipchat, Email
  • Deploy in AWS, Heroku, Azure, Google Cloud and anywhere
  • Open Source